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Serve and Love

Diane creates exceptional experiences that spark engagement, enable change, and enrich lives through the transformative power of relationship & connection.

A Registered Nurse by profession, Diane serves at the intersection of leadership & service; providing expert clinical education, compassionate healthcare, professional oversight & supervision to ensure safety & quality in the healthcare & entertainment industries, and for the community.

Passionately supporting the mission of Lelt Foundation, a non-profit organization based in New York, as Medical Director, Diane established partnerships to improve the health of the population in two communities  in Ethiopia through increased access to healthcare & humanitarian aid.

Committed to meeting critical needs of victims of war, poverty, famine, disease and natural disaster, Diane serves on an International Disaster Assistance Response Team and has served the people of Liberia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, & refugees from Syria, Pakistan & Afghanistan in Greece, at the United States Southern Border and most recently in New York City Central Park Field Hospital for Covid response.

Challenging the narrative & influencing social media’s message, as CEO of Celebrating Women LLC, Diane created a global platform to amplify women’s voices and visibility; hosting events, speaking internationally, writing, editing, and publishing a unifying collection of interviews about women that recognize and celebrate women as role models.

Join women from all across the USA (and the world!)  and be part of a global movement! 

By sharing our stories & our lives, we lift each other up, encourage one another, remember who we are, inspire other women & girls, amplify women’s voices & visibility, and demonstrate that every woman is a role model.

Share your story,
Inspire another,
Heal a generation, 
Save the next…
& Celebrate!

…because EVERY woman is a role model!

Does that sum it up? Maybe. Maybe not….

…so I am bringing it all together here, (well, most of it!), sharing with friends, old & new, near & far.

This is gonna be fun….

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