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Celebrating Marissa!

Celebrating Marissa! (Interview  #6)

Marissa helps people become more financially stable.

In response to the question, “when you were younger than you are now, what did you want to “be” or “do” when you grew up?” Marissa revealed; “Originally, I wanted to be a forensic toxicologist. Then I realized I had to play with blood and pee and decided against it. Shortly after I realized that I wanted to be Clarice from Silence of the Lambs, I figured that going into psychology was a good way to start out.

Using 3 words to describe her life so far, Marissa says it has been one giant train wreck.

Marissa wants to inspire other women & girls and shares; “Do not let a single person hold you back or influence your dreams. Not a soul out there is responsible for your destiny but you. If I would have let people influence me or hold me back, I never would have had the guts to move out at 18 and support myself. I wouldn’t have went to a community college and work at the same time. I wouldn’t have went through nearly half the ups and way down lows that have made me who I am. If I would have let others tell me how to live, I wouldn’t be the strong woman I am today.”



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