Celebrating Women

Celebrating Maureen!

Celebrating Maureen! (Interview  #9)

Maureen is a daughter, wife, mother, sister, Godmother, friend, volunteer, teaching assistant, caregiver to her mom who had dementia and now a grandma who loves spending time with her grandchildren. She is looking forward to the future.

When Maureen was young she always wanted to be a mom. But there was a time when she wanted to be an opera singer! Sadly, she believes she really doesn’t have the voice for it.

Using 3 words to describe herself and her life so far, Maureen chose; positive, spiritual, & caring.

Maureen wants to inspire other women & girls and shares, “Don’t waste time worrying what others are thinking or saying about you. Their opinions really don’t matter to you. Be true to yourself, treat others the way you want to be treated. Be kind to yourself, we tend to be harder on ourselves than others. Spend your days smiling and doing something you love.”

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