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Celebrating Anna!

Celebrating Anna (Interview #24)

Anna empowers moms to step away from overwhelm, stress and guilt through 1-1 coaching, a private email group, public speaking and a weekly Podcast.

Creating balance, regular self care, and space to breath is just the start, from there we learn to heal from unhealthy talking, thinking, & self-sabotage and discover where the thoughts stem from. We then dive into passions, values, and who we are outside of a mom, what makes us unique, special, and how to be mom and ourselves!

The podcast recently launched in November and this season discussion focused on “moms who have overcome”. Topics included Addiction, Mental Health, Single Parenting, Violence, and other relevant topics.

Even when she was quite young, Anna always wanted to help people.

Anna describes her life so far, using these 3 words;

adventure, thrilling, blessed.

Anna wants to share that there is hope, in her story and in yours. Shining the light, Anna reveals we can start now to create time for us, advises why it is so important, and proclaims, “creating space for us actually opens up more time in a day, can decrease stress and overwhelm and prevent burn-out.”

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  1. Anna has been blessed with an amazing gift ! I’ve known Anna since I was 14/15 years old. I was a very trouble young woman who was absolutely lost in life . Pregnant and feeling totally defeated. Anna was the only one that I felt I could open up to . No judgment, no looking down on me . She always made me feel loved and respected! I lost touch with Anna for many years. I’ve always wonderd over the years how she was. Where she was. And last year by the grace of God
    We reconnected. I am so happy she is still continuing to share her gifts first with children now with women and mothers. Helping us take back our power. Anna Milne you are definitely an Earth angel. And loved very much by so many of us . Much love and respect

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