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Celebrating Ananya!

Celebrating Ananya! (Interview #26)

Ananya supports busy UK, US and global entrepreneurs in their work by managing their social media, online administration, video editing, WordPress website, email, & SEO related processes virtually.

Ananya recounts her thoughts as a young girl, “I simply wanted to be a housewife. Taking care of household stuff, family, kids, and husband. I never had career goals. As in India, a girl is gifted with a marriage rather than a career or job. So I also was very passionate to be a simple Bengali housewife with simple dreams of having a great family and husband in mind.

Portraying her life so far using 3 words; “Simple Independent Woman”, Ananya has a message to inspire other women & girls. She shares, “I want to tell all the women out there to believe in yourself. No matter how difficult the journey of life is, don’t be afraid to do new things. Just keep doing anything that comes on the way that makes you feel happy, maybe prompt action may always not be received in terms of income. But with patience and consistency, any small job can turn into a big thing and can change one’s life. And as I always believe and feel that women are already empowered as God have given them the ability to give birth to a new life. In the same way, women have the power to bring new ways and new turnings for one’s life.


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