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Celebrating Uma!

Celebrating Uma! (Interview #35)

Asked & answered!

When prompted “describe what you do, without using titles”, Uma responded, “I empower people to seek the truth for themselves and mentor them to achieve freedom from the world to stand boldly in their authenticity.

I did a little investigating and discovered Uma’s endeavors include creating an environment of holistic wellness, a place where metaphysical services, workshops and classes are offered to meet the essential health, wellness, and spiritual needs of the community.

The next question (when you were younger than you are now, what did you want to “do” or “be” when you grew up?) elicited a laugh from Uma, “LOL, I wanted to work for myself and be my own boss! (guess that worked out)

Uma chose these 3 words to describe her life so far:

Amazing, Insightful, Adventurous.

Given the opportunity to reflect & impart what she hoped would inspire other women & girls, Uma shared her thoughts, “Despite your circumstances, your history and your back story, you always have a choice to move forward. Use it.

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