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Celebrating Roe!

Celebrating Roe! Interview #59

Roe is a driving force for women as entrepreneurs and leaders; inspiring women to be open to limitless possibilities, building sustainable, profitable businesses (Roe-ism: “wild money”!) honoring who we are, embracing our feminine power, reaching our highest potential, creating products, programs, & services that transform and influence OPL (other people‘s lives) in a meaningful way.

Roe wanted to grow up to become an Olympic Athlete, work as a fitness guru for professional athletes, and marry a Pro Athlete! 0 for three? Roe’s not keeping score and describes her life so far as;

Fun, Free, & Fulfilling.

Roe is both bold & beautiful, a gutsy gal with smarts & sass, telling us like it is. Here she shares some signature points;

-“How you show up in life and BE is the most important thing you can spend time figuring out.”

-“It’s not the ‘How to’ that gets you stuck (read: not living your best life), you can Google the “How to”, take another course, and add another hour to your work-day…its not your answer.”

-“Your answer is in the discovery. Discovering who you are and what you are called to do differentiates an ordinary life and an extraordinary life.”

-“Your answer lives within YOU.”

Roe continues, “I’ve succeeded young in life without the high-end education and high net-worth contacts. I didn’t know at the time, I was being authentic. I didn’t realize the risks I was taking, nor did I know I was getting out of my comfort zone. I didn’t have anyone to compare to (little did I know that was a good thing for me). You see, judging, comparing, and criticizing ourselves is what makes us play small.

What did I have?
I had a VISION bigger than me.
I was PISSED OFF that women weren’t treated equal.
I had a DESIRE to do something about it.
I had some of the right people in my life to guide & mentor me as well.

You can be who you were meant to be!”

“I am the middle generation of three generations of women entrepreneurs.
I grew up in a household where my mom worked a full time job with five children, ages 3 (me) to 13 years old. She was the only woman who had a career in my Brooklyn neighborhood of Italian, Irish and Jewish families; strong households of stay-at-home moms. Without her knowing it, she was exemplifying leadership and influencing me. At 90 years old, mom plans activities for seniors from short trips to Broadway Plays to European vacations. Still going strong!
I believed strongly growing up that women could do what men could do, and at the same time I didn’t feel the urge to get married and have kids. So I took a job on Wall Street (through my mentors, I knew to go for the best of the best companies and wait until I get the position on a trading floor, not a back-office where no one knows who you are.) Within 6 months, I received my first promotion. Against all odds! I was female, young, not a scholar, didn’t dress like a man dressed, (as was the style for many women in 1975.) I “climbed the ladder” to Vice President and broke several “glass ceilings”. I am proud that I didn’t have to act like a man in order to succeed, which is something I hope women of today know with certainty. When I was 36 yrs old, I gave birth to my daughter and vowed to raise a powerful girl. Now 26 years old, she is the CEO & Founder of Light to Earth Sanctuary, a non-profit organization committed to its mission “to reawaken women and children towards their life’s purpose by restoring their spirit, soul and body through an intimate relationship with Jesus.” My daughter is following her calling and making a difference. I believe I inspired her just as my mom inspired me; you can do anything you want to! Follow your dreams!
So there you have it, three generations of women, making a difference, simply because we followed our dreams to help others!”

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