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Celebrating Denise!

Celebrating Denise! (Interview #58)

Entrepreneurs now have a “suite” of options when launching, growing, or scaling their businesses-thanks to an innovative solution that makes me want to relocate to Tennessee!

Denise explains, “I host, introduce, and invite evolved entrepreneurs to experience full-service office space; C-Suite guests can rent private offices, position their companies with us through virtual offices, reserve private meeting rooms, and also ask for support from our professional business concierge team.”
Parking, Wi-Fi & coffee? Yes.

Staffed lobby, business center, phone management, mail/shipping services? You bet.

Utilities, maintenance, & housekeeping? Of course!

Modern office space, business lounge, fine dining, access to event planners & catering? By all means!

Wow! Now we can be focused, stress-free, & productive.

Denise shares, “I wanted to create a place where really smart, accomplished, hard working people would come hang with me! Growing up I played apartment with my sister. We would pretend we were going to work, hosting dinner parties, and traveling. I grew up and all these things have come true.” Denise describes her life so far using just three words: vivacious & it’s possible!

Denis offers us advice, encouragement, & inspiration, “Be curious. Even if you don’t know what the process is, keep your focus on what really makes you happy. #itspossible to create a life you’ll love. Your goal should be have an amazing journey through life and surround yourself with people that will inspire you to do it.

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