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Celebrating Judy!

Celebrating Judy! (Interview #57)

Can aligning body, mind, and spirit result in improved health & well-being?

Read on as Judy answers this question and shares how she empowers, inspires, and educates the chronically stressed, exhausted businesswomen (read: not living our best life!) to reclaim our energy, vitality, & stamina!

Building on a foundation of knowledge that in addition to increased activity and better food choices; emotions, thoughts, and beliefs also impact our health & well being, Judy’s formula includes maximizing (increasing what your body needs), minimizing (decreasing what is harmful to your body), and prioritizing your environment…Judy explains, “When presented with the appropriate environment, your body has the opportunity to do what it does best…heal itself!” Based on your individual needs, Judy creates a fully customized program that aligns & establishes your own unique balance necessary to thrive in this crazy, fast-paced world of high stress, processed food, and little-to-no self-care.

As a young girl, Judy wanted to be an artist in Paris and describes her life so far as; Unusual Paths Taken.

Judy shares inspiration & encouragement for other women & girls, “It doesn’t matter what you studied, what you were told you were or weren’t good at, because if you have an interest, a desire, and an opportunity, you can do or become whatever you choose to become. Your age doesn’t matter or play a role in whether you pursue a new interest or a new career. If you feel that it does, remember; that is just an excuse, that is just fear, that is just taking what others may think into account instead of forging ahead and following your passion.”


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