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Celebrating Sue!

Celebrating Sue! (Interview #60)

Sue brings together entrepreneurial women to connect, share resources, and lift one another in an inclusive space on their business growth journey.

Contributing her expertise to the group with a suite of professional services, Sue creates & implements proven digital marketing strategies to promote & grow businesses.

Sue explains that as a child, she had a lot of energy, loved to exert it, & wanted to be an Olympic gymnast.

Ok let’s get philosophical for a moment…envisioning the image of an Olympic gymnast, I see not only a strong athlete, I also see a creative artist. Keeping with Sue’s childhood dream, these attributes of an Olympic gymnast are reflected in the woman Sue became, using her strengths & creative artistry…in her business!

*Note to ourselves: unpack our childhood dreams of what we wanted to “be” or “do” and think about how those dreams are reflected back to us as the adults we became or are becoming!

Life-affirming or Life-changing? Let me know what you think!

Ok back to the interview

Sue describes her life so far as “surprising, fulfilling, & eventful” and shares a few tips to inspire and encourage us;

“You can build confidence by exploring outside of your comfort zone.”

“Keep an open mind about life-long learning and consistently look for ways to improve your personal and professional development.”

“Look to positive people for guidance. There are many helpers willing to teach you what they know if you have the courage to ask.”

“Never stop asking questions.”


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