Celebrating Women

Celebrating Shawna!

Celebrating Shawna! (Interview # 66)

An ambassador for women’s authentic living, Shawna leads women in the transformation of our lives…manifesting our power to RISE daily, entering into a passionate love affair with ourselves and prosperity through self-love, self-acceptance, and self-discovery practices.

When she was a young girl Shawna aspired to be a singer and teacher, and describes her life so far as an “Adventure, Exciting, & Peaceful.”

When asked what she would like to share in order to inspire other girls & women in her life, Shawna gripped me with her fearless truth,

“We are at a tipping point in history, moving forward it is of utmost importance that women by example show girls how to tell and live ‘HerStory’ from a place of self-love, self-acceptance, and self-discovery.

You see, for ages women and girls alike have been led to believe they are inferior, unworthy and must constantly work to prove their ability to think on advance levels as well as carry out task that at one time were only available to men. History seeks to covertly continue to put limits on her despite of her extraordinary achievements and mastery in education, science, human development, social and family arenas.

She has been crowned with fear instead of FAITH…
Social, and religious constructs continue peddle her in unworthiness, incapable of making global decisions, with the air that she is required to earn through societal approval her way back to worthiness with no end in sight. The time has come for Women to ‘RISE’ -ReActivate and Value their Vision.
Let us begin to embody our truth, “Greater is he who is in me” If there is a God in me I MUST be a Goddess “Divine Goddess” by birth right to be exact. We are Visionaries, stand up, let us ALL live Victoriously!”


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