Celebrating Women

Celebrating Katie!

Celebrating Katie! (Interview  #12)

Katie helps bring peace-of-mind to business owners & their families by providing protection for their business with umbrella insurance coverage.

When Katie was little she wanted to be a ballerina!

Using 3 words to describe her life so far, Katie says it has been happy, fulfilling & rewarding.

To inspire other women & girls, Katie shares, “we are strong as we are united”. Here is more of what Katie recently shared (edited) 🎶because I have been given much I too must give, I cannot see another lack and I not share🎶 & Lord knows I have enough. Who was the answer to who’s prayers ?? & really my part was a small super easy part but you raising your hand and asking for help that’s the big step, the step we all fail at sometimes & forget its ok to ask for help!

We all whether born & raised here or not want the best for everyone, we have more in common then we don’t and we are strong as we are united, rock on sista💜& side note for anyone who is reading this we as mothers should look for small or grand gestures daily to help our “neighbors” to set examples to our children because while they didn’t say anything, I know they are watching 🙏🏻💙💛😘

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