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Celebrating Teresa!

Celebrating Teresa! (Interview  #13)

Teresa makes the best of every day of this life she has been given. At age 19 due to various medical conditions Teresa was told she would not have children. After a devastating miscarriage she was blessed with the honor of being a mommy to 3 beautiful, healthy children. Her last two children are 9 1/2 months apart! Teresa dedicates every spare second to her kids; by doing over the top school school projects, joining the PTA and volunteering on committees, team mom, hall monitor/substitute teacher at religious education classes, cheering them on like a crazy lady on the sidelines of their sports games, etc. & when her kids get older, Teresa hopes they look back on their childhood & remember that she was everywhere they were. Teresa feels fortunate to have been a stay at home mom for 10 years and now that she is a single mom she works almost full-time at an LED lighting company. After being hired as the warehouse manager, she willingly stepped into the director of operations position on the spur of the moment and has done her best to do both jobs with 100% effort. Also, for the last two years Teresa has been a commissioner for Bethpage PAL Youth Cheerleading. She is so proud to say that together they took a dying program, quadrupled enrollment and, while there have been bumps in the road, worked tirelessly with every ounce of energy they had to make the cheer program as great as it could be. Teresa volunteers as much as she can and teaches her kids that charity starts at home, and to have a strong work ethic.

When was little, Teresa wanted to be a lawyer.

Using 3 words to describe her life so far, Teresa says it has been blessed, challenging & interesting.

To inspire other women & girls Teresa shares, “When I was 13 I was very sick & near death, that’s when I learned being a fighter was the only way to get through this life. And I’ve had to fight a lot throughout my journey so far. You have to always stay true to yourself even if you’re standing alone. You only need to answer to God & yourself. I have experienced prosperity & despair and while prosperity is a great blessing, it’s when you face despair that the greatest lessons are learned. And it’s because of those lessons that I gained the ability to be empathetic, nonjudgmental, & able to see the good in even the most broken people. Live your life as a good person, with love in your heart, integrity, dignity, respect & most important, with honesty. Be real. It’s the only way.”

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