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Celebrating Sasha!

Celebrating Sasha! (Interview #31)

Sasha admittedly is doing everything for her business. Marketing, Accounting, Financing, you name it, Sasha is doing it all! It’s what one might expect from an entrepreneur such as Sasha, who is completely immersed in creating a politically conscious tea company.

When Sasha was little she wanted to be a lawyer & wanted her life to be like Ally McBeal’s!

Using 3 words to describe her life so far, Sasha chose:

Interesting, Chaotic, Exciting.

In true entrepreneurial spirit, Sasha has these encouraging words to revitalize & inspire us, “Don’t let society tell you what you should want or who you should be. I kept fighting my own internal desires against external ideas of success. Stop obsessing about other people’s idea of success and really dig deep and figure out what’s important to you. It’s too easy to sleep walk through life. Take risks.



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