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Celebrating Tiia!

Celebrating Tiia! (Interview #32)

Tiia supports & encourages the Highly Sensitive & Empath woman to find the strengths and purpose in her life as a sensitive, kind, and compassionate person; equipping her with the tools to appreciate herself just as she is, while guiding her towards discovery of what she loves to do and the courage to take action towards living a life she loves!

Tiia always wanted to help people, and shares, “That is the thing that has defined my whole life. Helping others is my thing. But the way to do it has changed, a lot. My pain points are self-sacrificing and lack of boundaries. I have been such a people-pleaser and suffered from “nice girl” syndrome. After I discovered this from my own life, I realized how I can help others without sacrificing myself.

“Purpose after pain” are the three words Tiia chose to describe her life.

Tiia has these empowering words to share, “You can give the same love, compassion, and kindness to yourself, that you give to others. It’s not your responsibility to take care of everybody else. It’s only your responsibility to take care of yourself. You have a promise to live your life in the way you want. You have your dreams for a reason! It takes courage to make them true, but you are totally capable of doing it. You just have to start. And for you to be able to do so, you have to set boundaries. If you try to please everybody else, you are not gonna find time and resources to pursue for your dream-life. Something has to go, and that something is pleasing others! Find the courage to do that, and the rest will follow! You are worthy. You are enough. You deserve it!


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