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Celebrating Kris!

Celebrating Kris! (Interview #40)

Kris transforms your relationship with money, demonstrates the value of securing your future, & empowers  you to live your dreams now!

When Kris was little she wanted to heal with songs, change the world, and realize peace on earth!

Using only a few words to describe her life so far, Kris chose:

Blessed, full of gratitude, amazing.

Kris declares the power of celebrating your life now and shares an inspirational message, “Don’t give up your dream, ever! I just got asked to sign a Record Label with Sony Distribution as an artist and songwriter, on my 64th Birthday & I signed the contract on Valentines Day!  I have been on a 7 year break from my music, focused on serving others through my company, “Healthy Money, Happy Life”, it was a total surprise!”

We are celebrating with you, Kris!



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