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Celebrating Julie!

Celebrating Julie! (Interview #41)

Julie works with women in business guiding them to reset their patterns and habits to move forward in a significant way, and saying yes to the right things!

When Julie was little, she wanted to teach.

Using 3 words to describe her life so far, Julie chose:

Full, Effervescent, Beautiful.

Julie made her journey incredible by not staying in her “lane” and shared, “I started out on a very traditional path with being a high school teacher, getting my Master’s, and doing what society “expected’ of me.  Throughout the years of teaching, I found that I was extremely creative and worked hard to push the confines that standardized testing was trying to keep me in as well as pushed the boundaries on the theater productions I was in charge of.  By pushing a bit and not succumbing to the box that was getting smaller and smaller, I was making an impact as well as making my job enjoyable (not just tolerable). 

When I left teaching to be a mom, I soon found a MLM business that I wanted to invest in.  Because of my innovative thinking, I was able to build to one of the top levels in the company through the recession.  Through the RECESSION.  I believed that people wanted what I was selling, found new ways to offer the product and gained exposure and clients in ways that other women in my industry weren’t.  I am not one to give up when thrown for a loop–perseverance is key to going forward! 
Finally, in 2015, I created my own business, training women business owners in productivity and to think outside the box so they could build their businesses bigger and better than they ever thought possible.  I built a 6 figure business within 4 years by tweaking what I was offering, looking to what my clients needed and what filled me up!  It took a lot of patience and looking at the format and programming that would work for everyone.  To truly stay on the edge of what you and your customers and client need, you must always be tweaking!  It’s exactly what I did in my classroom and in my first business.
Through all my chapters, I have kept a balance, pushed the limits and lived much of my life experiencing it on my own terms with time for travel, time for family, and time for me.  
I want to share this with you because what I want you to know is that no matter what “they” say –whether it’s friends, colleagues, or family–you do not have to do anything the traditional way.  Be patient, stay your course with necessary tweaks along the way, and do it YOUR way.  By fearlessly navigating your business and life, you will have joy in the journey, joy in what you do, and success according to your definition.

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