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Celebrating Mae!

Celebrating Mae! (Interview #45)

Committed and dedicated to eliminating the chaos in today’s health and beauty world, Mae provides honest recommendations, firmly established in research & expertise, in wellness, mind, body, and spirit that empowers more individuals & creates opportunities to take the leap to live their most vibrant, healthy life; with fun, laughter, & love, and to also live with energy, action, and passion.

When Mae was little she wanted to be a flight attendant, lawyer, neurosurgeon, & fashion designer! (#girlswithgoals!)

Using three words to describe her life so far, Mae chose:

blessed, adventerous and challenging.

Mae shares guidance, encouragement & motivation to inspire other women & girls, “I think the most valuable lesson, is to have understanding and offer forgiveness which allows us to move forward. Also to stop making excuses or blaming others for where we are today. It starts from birth, we are born into this world not choosing our parents and although some have more painful experiences, abuse and greater difficulties, it is the challenges in our lives (at any age) that we truly can grow from. We all have the power as we enter young adult life to make choices that can change our current situations. I truly believe no parent wakes up and says, “I am going to do a terrible job at raising my child”, but possibly due to alcohol, drugs, or they themselves having terrible parents, they don’t set the example or become the role model we may have wished for. But it is in our power to forgive and believe that they did the best they could do with what they “limited” their capabilities to be. That does not mean you have to endure the abuse or not move away from it, but understand it is out of your control, not your fault, and that you as your own person can be whoever you choose, stronger and more loving, and someone’s role model. Forgiveness is good for the soul and allows for more positive love and energy to come in. You can not use the past as an excuse for not doing what you are capabable of, to move in a positive, successful direction, the power is in you. Each of us is born with that gift.”


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