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Celebrating Patty!

Celebrating Patty! (Interview #46)

Patty helps people tap into their truth, helps people discover what brings them joy, helps people heal, and helps people grow. The renewal begins with a consultation and continues with coaching as Patty simplifies organization using the KonMari method.

When she was in kindergarten Patty wanted to be an artist, but in later childhood knew that she had a way of putting people at ease, and helping them open up. For example, at sleepover parties, when girls would get into disagreements, Patty would gather everyone around in a circle and insist that they open up and the girls would have a little group therapy session! Part of her always knew that she would play some kind of role in facilitating conversations, helping people open up. Patty also always really cared about fairness and doing the right thing and having a positive impact, but she didn’t really know what kind of job that meant.

Using three words to describe her life so far, Patty chose;

unpredictable, meaningful,  joyful. 

I asked Patty what she wanted to share to inspire other women and girls; she thoughtfully affirmed,

 Well, I have a daughter, she is 7 years old so I think about this quite a bit & what I try to instill in my daughter is that she is perfect just the way she is and that she should be unapologetic about going forth in the world to pursue her dreams and interests. I also think about this with my daughter but really all people, not just women and girls, of spending your life trying to figure out what is uniquely yours to do, meaning, what are you best at? What are you most interested in? What are you willing to put the time in to become an expert at, and to spend time understanding what your unique strengths are? It may not be things that the rest of the world typically categorizes as strengths, but it gives you an advantage in some way, and that’s a sign that it’s a gift. So as a consultant, as a mother, as a friend,I try to see people and help them see in themselves these unique characteristics that make them special and encourage them topursue a path that is going to take advantage of those gifts that come to them very naturally.”


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