Celebrating Daniella!

Celebrating Daniella! (Interview #48)

“Brazilian, in the USA without friends, family, & unable to speak in English.

That’s how Daniella described her life 3 years ago.

We met at a Habitat for Humanity Women Build Event and instantly all of the volunteers bonded. Daniella continued her story, “…and 3 years later, I am married to the love of my life, I learned English, and attend college for Architectural Engineering.” (Her second bachelor’s degree!)

Daniella shared she was frustrated with Brazil’s economy & searching for a better life, “I wanted to build a better future for my future children and myself.”

Using three words to describe her life so far, Daniella chose:

Motivational, Strong & Potential

Daniella shares her fearless determination with us to inspire & encourage other women & girls, “Do not give up! I left my comfort zone, you can do it as well.

#WomenBuild #fearless

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