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Celebrating Marie-Elizabeth!

Celebrating Marie-Elizabeth! (Interview #49)

Marie-Elizabeth guides people who may be feeling stuck or bored in midlife, (me? you?) toward continued growth, increased clarity, & an expansion of self-love; accompanying us on a journey where we take the necessary actions and steps that will lead us to loving the life we live and living a life we love!

Marie-Elizabeth shares, “Since I was 17, I knew I was here to take people out of their regular experience of life, shake things around so they’d feel something, and hopefully return to their lives with a different awareness. All the things I’ve done since then have been some version of that.”

Using three words to describe her life so far, Marie-Elizabeth chose;

Surprising, blessed, adventurous.

Inspirational & encouraging, Marie-Elizabeth supports transformation and strengthens resolve with an uncomplicated message, “There is more available to you than you ever imagined if you would just ask for more of what you want.”

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