Celebrating Alexandra!

Celebrating Alexandra! (Interview #50)

Let’s just say Alexandra leads couples through relationship renewal!

With Alexandra‘s combined expertise in guiding healing & facilitating transformation, committed couples are equipped to ignite the spark, create emotional intimacy, and experience sensual passion.

The result? Connected AND happy families!(win-win!)

Alexandra‘s response to the question ‘When you were younger than you are now, what did you want to “be” or “do” when you grew up?‘ evokes images of a modern-day wonder-woman-“I wanted to be an international spy, using my intelligence, beauty, nuance, and adventure in service of good.”

Using three words to describe her life so far, Alexandra chose:

dynamic, transformational, magnificent.

Alexandra shares her advice to inspire other women & girls, “Focus on what delights you, how you can grow and expand your soul, and learn from others. This is the recipe to create gratifying relationships and making a contribution to your community.

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