Celebrating Women

Celebrating Claudia!

Like so many women, Claudia is a mother, a daughter, a sister, & a friend, and, like so many women, Claudia tries to balance all of her responsibilities with grace & love. Claudia’s grace and love extend to nature & it’s only natural that she is devoted to the study of microscopic organisms that cause disease and environmental damage and are of industrial or agricultural interest, in order to preserve and save our shared natural environment.

When Claudia was growing into woman that she is today, she knew even at a young age that she wanted to be, in her words, “a person who shed light on, and ACTED upon the wrongdoings to our environment.” When I asked Claudia to describe her life so far (using just 3 words) she chose; I am alive! Here’s Claudia’s short & sweet advice for women & girls, “Stand tall- stand up” #StandTallStandUp #SheIsAScientist #MicrobiologyForTheWin

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