Celebrating Melanie!

Celebrating Melanie! (Interview #52)

Melanie unleashes the legend within us.

“There’s a legend inside every woman, and she deserves to rise, step boldly into the spotlight on global stages with her vision to make an impact.” Eloquent words of a woman just as beautiful & authentic as her spoken words, Melanie knew early in her life she wanted to “be” and “do” what she describes as a ‘fireworker’-someone who would light a fire in others.

Using three words to describe her life so far, Melanie chose;

An Incredible briefness.

Melanie shares these inspirational thoughts and wants every woman & girl to know, “…that there is a way of looking at your life and harnessing hindsight to make sense of it, to find your message to impact your life.” (…and more lives, I’m certain!)




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