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Celebrating Bonnie!

Celebrating Bonnie! (Interview #54)

Simply put, Bonnie fights for the rights of families and children.

But there’s more to the fight than many of us know.

From infancy and throughout their growth & development, children in need of special education are endowed with legal rights that parents or caregivers may not fully be aware of, or completely understand. Bonnie is their advocate. She guides, empowers, & supports students and their parents/caregivers as they navigate the complexities of access to an appropriate education, resources within or outside of the school district, the laws that ensure their rights, protections, and more.

When Bonnie was a child, she wanted to be a creator and describes her life as amazing, challenging, & self-created.

As a champion of others, Bonnie passionately shares a few words of inspiration and encouragement for other women & girls, “Focus on what YOU can control and put in your best efforts. If others do what you do, that’s okay; there’s plenty of room at the table and you bring your unique talents to your work. Also, life changes and throws crap at you; roll with it and adjust to new normal. (Being a mom teaches you how to do that!) Oh, and 1) get a life partner and 2) make sure you support one another in becoming your best selves.


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