Celebrating Women

Celebrating Kelli!

Celebrating Kelli! (Interview #55)

Do women as business owners have to be less of who we are and more of what we’re not in order to be more successful? Do we have to fake it to make it?

Ummmm, no!

Meet Kelli-she supports women business owners with teachable strategies and techniques designed to enhance their ability to show up confidently in sales conversations, convert more business, and stay true to who we are in the process.

When she was a child, Kelli wanted to be a computer programmer and then a teacher, and then a medical engineer. (And I’m sure she could have mastered it all!)

Kelli describes her life so far using these three words:

Adventurous, Unexpected, & Bold!

Kelli shares this advice for inspiring and encouraging other women & girls, “We can do anything we want and we are worth way more than we think. When we do a few simple things we can change the narrative of what people expect from us as women. You can be confident and bold without being pushy and aggressive. And you can be successful in business without having to use very masculine tricks, we can be ourselves and show up powerfully!


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