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Celebrating Amira!

Celebrating Amira! (Interview #62)

With more than 15 years devoted to the education & empowerment of youth, Amira is responsible for designing & managing the educational and training programs that are offered by the Career Development Department at The American University in Cairo AUC.

Amira was always dreaming of helping others. As a young girl, she wished to open a shelter for children who were homeless or an orphanage for children who were orphaned & disabled. Her dream became reality in part when she became a Pharmacist aiding and alleviating the suffering of those in impoverished, poverty-stricken areas, and she then fulfilled her passion for service when she shifted to Teaching and Education Management.

Dynamic, rich, & simple is how Amira describes her life so far, and she offers this advice to other women & girls, replete with encouragement and inspiration,

“Follow your dreams.. Make your own story.
A life spent in helping others is a very rich life.”

Truer words were never spoken.


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