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Celebrating Andrea!

Celebrating Andrea! (Interview #63)

Andrea partners with established, growth-focused business owners to develop and implement a marketing plan created for maximum impact. Strategies are formulated for value and success, designed to attract, engage, & delight your audience. Offering a superior, relationship-based experience, Andrea creates opportunities for marketing with deeper connection, increased visibility, expanded reach, and solid business growth.

Andrea aspired to be a singer and describes her life as “fortunate, diverse, & open-minded.

With an open-minded play on words, Andrea did indeed become a singer, a diverse artist with a beautiful voice, creating memorable lyrics and a melody to clap along to, for each and every business she accompanied...how very fortunate for all of us.

Andrea shares these encouraging words, meant to inspire other women & girls,

“Having had 3 completely different careers, I continue to grow and shift; that means: there’s no time limit, it’s never too late and your mindset and ability to choose are the most powerful tools you have. And – don’t let anyone tell you information is power; it’s merely potential. It’s when you take action that you unleash power ~”


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